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EZ test heroin CBD/THC drugtest

EZ test heroin CBD/THC drugtest

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The EzTest CBD/THC drug test test is a drug test specifically for industrial hemp sold as a cannabis plant. EZ tests can be used to determine with high accuracy whether the substance to be tested contains illegal substances.

The test shows pink / purple if the sample is mostly CBD and blue if THC is dominant in the sample. The test consists of an ampoule and a tube. First, open the ampoule and add the liquid from the tube. Then add a small sample to the ampoule and the liquid will change to pink / purple or blue. Use the information in the package for comparison.

Further information
Substances such as MDMB-4en-PINACA can be dangerous to consumers in two ways. First, as far as dosing is concerned, synthetic cannabinoids are likely to be applied by spraying on industrial hemp varieties or by soaking them in a solution containing such synthetic substances. The second aspect to be considered is the affinity of such substances for the human THC receptor. Synthetic cannabinoids are primarily research materials developed by pharmaceutical scientists to analyze the therapeutic properties of THC. Synthetic cannabinoids bind to the same receptors in the brain as THC, although this binding is often much more selective and potent than that of naturally occurring cannabinoids. They are supposed to press certain buttons in the brain much harder, causing potentially dangerous psychological and physiological side effects. The only reason to sell such “treated” cannabis is for a cynical financial gain. Cheap industrial hemp has no psychoactive effect, contains predominantly CBD, and in fact contains little or no THC.


1 piece2 200 Ft


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