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Pollen Presser

Pollen Presser

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S4 990 Ft
M6 989 Ft
L7 990 Ft

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4 990 Ft

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Product code: HED1509


The handy 'BL' Pollen Presser S-Size is made of stable aluminium with two bolts and a lid on each side. The bolt on one side is taken out and the material to be pressed is filled in. The bolt is reinserted and the lid screwed on. The material is pressed to a taler by repeatedly screwing the lids against each other. The pollen presser comes in a velvet bag.


Size Height Diameter
S 60mm 21mm
M 60mm 26mm
L 68mm 35mm



S4 990 Ft
M6 989 Ft
L7 990 Ft


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