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Can-Fan Satellite 4A speed controller

Can-Fan Satellite 4A speed controller

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The Can-Fan Satellite 4A speed controller uses a personalized 4A transformer that controls one or two Iso-Max 1 speeds as the exhaust fan, or one for the exhaust air and the other for the intake air. Compatible with Iso-Max 1 speed, single speed and other fans can be controlled without rattling or vibration.

The Satellite also has a socket that allows you to connect our Can-Fan LCD EC fan controller, making 13 control functions available to both Iso-Max and Max-Fans.

Even when growing indoors, humidity and temperature are also affected by outside weather. Controlling these changes by manually adjusting the speed of the exhaust and intake system is time consuming for all producers, but using the controller makes work much easier. These controllers are used to control ventilation systems such as extractors and air conditioning units to maintain the required temperature and humidity levels.

- Plug and Play
- easy to use
- reduced speed for the suction fan
- 100% compatible with Iso-Max and Max Fan
- 6-step transformer
- noiseless speed control
- compatible with EC fan controller
- full control in combination with the EC fan controller


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