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Secret Jardin Monkey Fan clip art fan oscillating

Secret Jardin Monkey Fan clip art fan oscillating

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13 990 Ft

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The Secret Jardin Monkey Fan clip-on fan oscillating is compatible with all tents, making it the perfect solution for circulating tent air without taking up much space.

The fan is equipped with three fasteners that fit into pipes with a diameter of 16-30 mm. The life of the product is optimized by using a new, cold-resistant grease. The fan has a tilting head and an oscillator, so it can be easily mounted almost anywhere.

Main characteristics

  • easy to install
  • height adjustable
  • quiet
  Secret Jardin Monkey Fan clip art fan oscillating
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 cm x 20 cm x 21 cm
Diameter Fan: 21cm
Screw: 16.8cm
Speed Max rpm: 2.300
Wind Speed Distance: 70cm
Speed: 2.0 m/s
Main Power

Power: 20 W
Cable Length: 240 cm

Voltage: 220 V
Frequence: 50 Hz
Plug Type: C Type (UE)
Plug Type: G Type (UK)

Voltage: 110 V
Frequence: 60 Hz
Plug Type: C Type (US)

Durability In clean environment:
24 / 24h = 6 months
12 / 24h = 12 months
6 / 24h = 24 months

Min: 15°C
Max: 35°C

Min: 0°C
Max: 50°C

User manuel available here.


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