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Vents VK EC fan

Vents VK EC fan

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Vents VK EC 10059 700 Ft
Vents VK EC 12559 990 Ft
Vents VK EC 15069 990 Ft
Vents VK EC 20079 990 Ft
Vents VK EC 25092 990 Ft
Vents VK EC 315104 990 Ft

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59 700 Ft

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Supply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning systems of various premises requiring cost-saving controllable ventilation. 
The best ventilation solution for exhaust ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens and other humid premises.
Compatible with Ø 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 and 315 mm round air ducts.

Durable, impact-resistant and corrosion-free ABS-plastic casing.
Airtight terminal box for connection to power mains. 
VK … EC P is fitted with a built-in smooth speed controller and power cord with IEC C14 electric plug.

High-efficient electronically commutated direct current motors with backward curved blades.
Such motors are the most state-of-the-art energy saving solution.
Power consumption of EC motors is 35% less as compared to standard motors.
The fans with EC motors have excellent aerodynamic performance and low-noise operation.
EC motors are featured with high performance and total speed controllable range.
High efficiency reaching 90% is the premium advantage of the electronically-commutated motors.
The motors are equipped with ball bearings designed for at least 40 000 operating hours.

The fan is operated with an external 0-10 V control signal.
The air capacity is controlled depending on air temperature, pressure level, smoke content, etc.
The speed of the EC motor changes proportionally to fluctuations of the control parameter and the fan delivers a required air volume to the ventilation system.
Maximum fan speed does not depend on the current frequency.
The fan is compatible both with 50 or 60 Hz power mains.
The fans may be integrated into a unified data processing control system.
The specially designed software provides precise control of all the fans integrated into the system.

The fans are designed for duct mounting in any point of the ventilation system with the casing mounted at any angle.
In case of vertical mounting a protective outer hood must be installed on the top. 
Fixation to the floor wall or ceiling is performed with the supplied mounting brackets.
Electric connection and installation must be performed in compliance with the manual and the wiring diagram on the terminal box.

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Vents VK EC 10059 700 Ft
Vents VK EC 12559 990 Ft
Vents VK EC 15069 990 Ft
Vents VK EC 20079 990 Ft
Vents VK EC 25092 990 Ft
Vents VK EC 315104 990 Ft


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