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House & Garden Stimulator-1

Roots Stimulator is a powerful root stimulator which ensures the explosive growth of the roots. Roots Stimulator encourages rapid root development in the early stages of the plant’s growth. ...

House & Garden  Cocos A+B Nutrient

House & Garden A&B coco base nutrient requires an extremely precise composition of the various minerals. House & Garden coco nutrients are coco specific nutrients which contain far ...

House & Garden  Roots Excelurator Nutrient

House & Garden’s Roots Excelurator is a unique formulation. Use at 1.1ml per gallon. Derived From: Ammonium Nitrate and Potassium Hydroxide. Ingredients Explained: Roots ...

House & Garden 1-Component Aarde Nutrient

1L House & Garden Aarde 1 Part is easily identified as a top class plant nutrient. House & Garden Aarde 1 Part 1L is a complete nutrient formulation specially designed for aggressive ...

House & Garden Aarde A+B

House & Garden A&B soil base nutrient is designed to be used only in soil and works best with House & Garden soil mixes. The unique composition of soil nutrients requires an extremely ...

House & Garden Aqua Flakes A+B Nutrient

House & Garden’s Aqua Flakes A&B is a two part base nutrient designed for recirculating hydroponics systems. Aqua Flakes A&B liquid formulation contains no bulking agents or ...

House & Garden Bud-XL Nutrient

House & Garden Bud-XL has a unique ability to extract sugars from the leaves of the plant and transfer them to the fruit. The fruit is made sweeter and its taste is improved. Bud-XL will also ...

House & Garden Drip Clean Nutrient

House & Garden Drip Clean is an amazing new product like no other on the market. It is designed to reduce the need for flushing the plants media. Drip clean contains potassium and phosphorous ...

House & Garden Hydro A+B Nutrient

House & Garden Hydro Nutrient A&B is an absolute must-have for all selfrespecting professional gardeners. The smart composition of the various elements provides commercial gardeners with ...

House & Garden Multi Zyme nutrient

House & Garden Multi Zyme is an enzyme based formula that helps to maintain a healthy plant and a healthy environment for new roots to develop quickly. Multi Zyme will help to eradicate ...

House & Garden Shooting Powder 65g

Shooting Powder is House & Garden’s late flowering additive. Shooting Powder helps to induce a second surge of flower production during the last three weeks of the flowering cycle. The ...

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