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Plagron Green Sensation Nutrient

Green Sensation is a powerful, natural crop-booster. Proper use of Green Sensation will result in a higher yield, higher sugar production, harder cell structure and increased general resistance to ...

Plagron Terra Bloom nutrients

Terra Bloom of Plagron is a liquid highly concentrated bio-based mineral fertilizer to be used in the flowering stage of the plant. Plagron Terra Bloom has been specifically developed for growing in ...

Plagron Terra Grow nutrients

Plagron Terra nutrients are one of the best nutrient formulas we have ever used for growing potted plants in soil. Plagron Terra Grow and Bloom nutrients are a highly concentrated one part ...

Plagron Pk 13-14

Plagron PK 13-14 is a high content, phosphorus and potassium boost that is used during your plants flowering period to increase the yield from your crop. During this critical stage, your plants ...

Plagron Vita Race

Vita Race formerly 'Phyt-Amin', is an organic foliar growth stimulator for the growth stage and the first three weeks of the flowering stage. The plant provides the necessary amino ...

Plagron Cocos A&B Nutrient

FOR GROWING IN BUFFERED COCOS SUBSTRATES 2 PART NUTRITION coco A & B is a liquid and very concentrated, bio mineral base fertiliser for use in plant growth or flowering stages.   ...

Plagron Hydro A/B nutrients

Hydro A & B is a highly concentrated bio-mineral nutrition base to be used in the growth and flowering stage of the plant. These two component liquid fertilizer contains all trace elements in a ...

Plagron Alga Bloom Nutrient

Organic Base Nutrient For Growing In Soil. Alga Grow And Bloom Contain A Blend Of Sea Algea And More Than 20 Different Naturally Occuring Amino Acids, Vitimans And Enzymes.

Plagron Alga Grow Nutrient

  Alga Grow is an organic basic plant food that was created especially for soil-based cultivation. Alga Grow is used during the plant’s growth phase. This fertiliser, which is based on ...

Plagron Bat Guano Fertiliser

Plagron Bat Guano is a well balanced, potent organic slow release fertiliser that is very rich in phosphorus. Plagron Bat Guano is mixed into your potting soil at the beginning to help increase ...

Plagron Calcium Kick Nutrient

Plagron Calcium Kick Calcium Kick from Plagron is a pH controller that allows you to increase the pH to the ideal range of 5.5 - 6.5. Calcium Kick also improves soil structure and provides ...

Plagron Diamond Shield Nutrient

Plagron Diamond Shield Can be used from the appearing of the first leaves. You can use it up to the third week of the flowering period. After this, instead of spraying, use watering. It helps ...

Plagron Micro Kill nutrients

Micro Kill régi nevén  " Preventive concentrate”. Biológiai alapú védelem. Erősíti a természetes védekező rendszerét a ...

Plagron Power Roots nutrients

Power Roots from Plagron is an organic root stimulator to be used for cuttings and plants which are transplanted. Once the first roots of the plant are visible Plagron Power Roots can be ...

Plagron Pure Enzymes nutrients

Pure Enzyme, formerly 'Enzymes', is a soil conditioner based on natural enzymes. It provides an accelerated decomposition of dead plant parts so more nutrients are released that stimulate the soil ...

Plagron Seed Booster Nutrient

Seed Booster Plus is a powerful and safe germination accelerator. This booster accelerates the germination cycle by an impressive 40% through the application of innovative enzyme technology. ...

Plagron Start-up nutrients

Start-Up is a complete growth nutrient designed for your plants from germination of seeds an on through the growth phase. This product is the result of a long series of tests where the goal was to ...

Plagron Sugar Royal nutrients

Sugar Royal is a biological flower stimulator. It stimulates leaf growth, thereby positively affecting sugar and resin production.  Sugar Royal contains a mixture of vitamins and trace elements ...

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