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Plastic Pot
Plastic Pot

Plastic Pot

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120 Ft

Product code: GRO1160


The right choice for flower pot, it is very important for plants. Many people think that bigger pots better. In many cases this is not true because some varieties grow much nicer if the roots do not get much room for appreciation. Using smaller pots we make stem, leaf, inflorescence develop. In addition, a beautiful flower pot decorate the high garden, balcony or window sills.


Size Liter
10x10x17 1,4 L
12x12x13 1,5 L
10,5x8,5x22 1,8 L
13x13x18 2,5 L
15x15x20 3,6 L
17,5x17,5x25 6 L
23x23x26 11 L



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