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The biggest advantage of acrilyc herb grinders is teh fact, that they come in countless colors and shapes! You can really express yourself with tem!

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Tightvac acrylic grinder various colors. 

2 450 Ft2 205 Ft
Golfball grinder

This golf vall shaped grinder is not only good for grinding, but is can be a good hiding place too. Two parts Diameter: 4 cm Material: acryl    

Acrylic Ball Grinder 4 cm

Acrilyc ball grinder with magnetic closure and various pattern (smiley, billiard ball) Diameter: 4cm

Dice grinder

Two parts acrylic grinder in dice shape. Diameter: 5 cm Material: acyl

Billiard Ball Grinder

  Do you love to game billiard? You will love this grinder too! Thumb pads for extra grip and a flat bottom to prevent rolling.    plastic 2 parts pyramid shaped ...

Transparent Electric Grinder 40 mm

Transparent electric grinder. The ultimate in lazy rolling. Slap your herbs in this handy machine, press a button and watch the thing grind like the clappers!  Batteries not ...

Acrylic Grinder 60 mm 4 parts

Acrylic herb grinder with magnetic closure and pollenfilter. material: acryl magnetic closure 4 parts pollenfilter varoiuls colors

Acrylic Herb Grinder 60 mm 5 parts

Acrylic herb grinder with built-in stash, angd pollen filter. material: pastic/acryl diameter: 60mm pollen collector stash

Gomoa Brand Acrylic Grinder

Unique acrilyc grinder with Gomoa brand sticker. You can also choose one for free if your purchase is over 10.000 HUF. (33,33 €) The free grinder is available HERE. diameter40 ...

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