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Metal grinders are durable and strong. Choose these grinders if you need a steady point in your life!

Dope Bros Amsterdam 4 Part Grinder in 3 Metal Color

Dope Bros Amsterdam cut grinder. Made of durable, high quality, stainless metal. Available in 3 candy colors, choose your favourite! Diameter: 60mm 4 parts Magnetic ...

Bling Diamond Grinder 3 parts 5 cm

Bling Diamond grinder with various pattern. 3 parts with pollen collector Diameter: 5 cm Material: metal

Biscuit Grinder 50 mm

Unique grinder with biscuit design and durable metal inner part to make it timeless. Diamater: 50 mm Metal inner part teeth: pyramid

Grinder Card Various Pattern

Exclusive, stainless steel grinder card with various pattern. Choose your favorite. Dimensions: 5 x 8 cm, 11gramm Material: Stainless steel 10 different design!

Grenade Grinder Metal 40 mm

Hand Grenagde grinder with 3 different design. material: metal diameter: 40mm 3 parts

Dope Bros Amsterdam 4 part Grinder 50 mm

Dope Bros Amsterdam cut grinder. Made of durable, high quality, stainless metal. In the middle part there is a screen that holds the remnants from your herbs. A scraper will help you gather them ...

Poker Chip grinder 4cm

This grinder was modeled by poker chips. It is heavy and high quality. Pick your favourite color! Two parts Diameter: 4 cm Material: metal Available colors: red, black and green

Darth Vader 3 piece magnetic Grinder

3 piece grinder, razor sharp metal teeth, features magnetic connection. 

Grinder aluminium 62 mm 4 parts

4 parts aluminium grinder. material: aluminium diameter: 62 mm

Amsterdam XXX CNC herb grinder 2 parts 40 mm

Two parts herb grinder made of metal. Diameter: 40 mm. This two piece herb grinder has diamond shaped teeth to grind your herbs perfectly fine. Traditional model for those, who love simplicity. ...

Sixshooter grinder 5 cm

High quality 3 parted six shooter grinder. Three parts with pollen collector Diameter: 5 cm Material: metal

Metal barrel grinder

Barrel shaped red metal grinder with pollen collector. Three parts (with pollen collector) Diameter: 4 cm, Height: 5 cm Material: metal

Buddies Electric Grinder 40 mm

"Buddies" electric grinder. The ultimate in lazy rolling. Slap your herbs in this handy machine, press a button and watch the thing grind like the clappers!  Batteries not ...

Bullet Grinder Metal 40 mm

Bullet Shaped 4 parted grinder with stash and pollen filter. Diameter: 40 mm pollen filter stash  

Dart Board Grinder Metal 45 mm

Metal grinder with Dart Board design. material: metal diameter: 45 mm 2 parts teeth: pyramid

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