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Metal grinders are durable and strong. Choose these grinders if you need a steady point in your life!

Grinder aluminium 62 mm 4 parts

4 parts aluminium grinder. material: aluminium diameter: 62 mm

5 990 Ft 3 991 Ft
Bling Diamond Grinder 3 parts 5 cm

Bling Diamond grinder with various pattern. 3 parts with pollen collector Diameter: 5 cm Material: metal

Metal barrel grinder

Barrel shaped red metal grinder with pollen collector. Three parts (with pollen collector) Diameter: 4 cm, Height: 5 cm Material: metal

Grenade Grinder Metal 40 mm

Hand Grenagde grinder with 3 different design. material: metal diameter: 40mm 3 parts

Hamburger Grinder 40 mm

Unique metal grinder with Hamburger design. Made of durable material, and equipped with pollen catcher Diameter: 50 mm Material: metal with pollen catcher unique ...

Grinder Card Various Pattern

Exclusive, stainless steel grinder card with various pattern. Choose your favorite. Dimensions: 5 x 8 cm, 11gramm Material: Stainless steel 10 different design!

Darth Vader 3 piece magnetic Grinder

3 piece grinder, razor sharp metal teeth, features magnetic connection. 

Sixshooter grinder 5 cm

High quality 3 parted six shooter grinder. Three parts with pollen collector Diameter: 5 cm Material: metal

Dart Board Grinder Metal 45 mm

Metal grinder with Dart Board design. material: metal diameter: 45 mm 2 parts teeth: pyramid

Amsterdam XXX CNC herb grinder 2 parts 40 mm

Two parts herb grinder made of metal. Diameter: 40 mm. This two piece herb grinder has diamond shaped teeth to grind your herbs perfectly fine. Traditional model for those, who love simplicity. ...

Magno Mix CNC Grinder 4 parts

Magno Mix CNC grinder. High quality, CNC cut grinder, made of stainless metal material.

Amsterdam 4 part Crank Grinder 60 mm

This 4 part grinder is available in 5 colors. CNC machined and made of high quality metal. Has a seethrough top and a crank to ease grinding. The 4 parted design allows to reuse smaller, powdery ...

Amsterdam 420 CNC 4 part Grinder 40 mm

Amsterdam 420 CNC cut grinder. Made of durable, high quality, stainless metal. Equipped with diamond shaped teeth, which ensures perfect fluffy grind. Magnetic closure keeps the lid in place, and ...

Amsterdam Candy Color 4 part Seethrough Grinder 5 cm

High quality Magno Mix CNC cut grinder, made of stainless metal. Long lasting, and durable. Diamond shaped teeth ensure perfect grind, and with the seethrough lid, you'll always see, when ...

Amsterdam CNC Crank Grinder with window and 4 parts

Amsterdam crank grinder with top window, in different colors. Diameter: 50 mm 4 parts (with pollen collector) teeth: rhombus magnetic closure crank material: CNC To choose ...

Amsterdam CNC Grinder Striped 2 parts 50 mm

Amsterdam Striped CNC Grinder Diameter: 50 mm Two parts teeth: rhombus

Amsterdam Metal Grinder two parts 50 mm

Two parted metal grinder with Amsterdam crest pattern. Three colors available. diameter: 50mm material: metal teeth: rhombus magnetic closure

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