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HOMEbox are the innovators of the tent market and were amongst the first companies to produce a lightweight, fully sealed growing environment. Their comprehensive range of grow tents contains a size for every grower and are ideally proportioned for a Nutriculture hydro system!

- 18%
Homebox HomeLab Grow Tent

The HomeLab has long been a first choice for growers who want a quick and convenient indoor garden. It’s a fuss-free solution – no need for tools. Simply unpack, assemble and convert ...

24 990 Ft 20 492 Ft
- 18%
Homebox Ambient Grow Tent

Our new growbox Ambient product line is available in all the familiar sizes, ranging from the miniature Q30 version to the maximum growing experience of the Q300. All eleven models feature the ...

14 990 Ft 12 292 Ft
- 18%
Homebox Vista Grow Tent

Like the Ambient grow tents, the Vista products come in an elegant, modern shade of beige. This also enables them to be automatically incorporated into the room ambience. They also have large viewing ...

54 990 Ft 45 092 Ft
- 18%
Homebox Evolution Grow Tent

The Evolution line will still be part of the HOMEbox® family in future; the three most popular models, Q100, Q120, and R240, will continue to be available alongside the Ambient and Vista product ...

64 990 Ft 53 292 Ft
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