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Prima klima Azerwing reflector

Prima klima Azerwing reflector

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Prima Klima LA55-A18 300 Ft
Prima Klima LA55-V24 990 Ft
Prima Klima LA75-V46 490 Ft

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18 300 Ft

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Videó: Prima Klima AZERWING Assembly Instructions german Manufacturer's website


The Prima klima Azerwing reflector with E40 lamp holder provides a homogeneous light distribution for HPS and MH lamps without hotspots.

Main characteristics

  • lamp holder with infinitely adjustable angle
  • center reflector with pointed angle for maximum light effect
  • stable railing for perfect symmetry, optimal cooling and flexible mounting
  Prima klima LA55-A Prima klima LA55-V Prima klima LA75-V
Max power 1000 W 2 x 600 W
Reflection 86 % 95 %
Reflective sheet reflective sheet made of anodized aluminum the vega reflective sheet is a unique PVD 4-layer system
Length 550 mm 750 mm
Width ~500 - 710 mm ~500 - 950 mm
Height ~150 - 200 mm ~250 - 380 mm
Weight 0,90 kg 2,8 kg


Prima Klima LA55-A18 300 Ft
Prima Klima LA55-V24 990 Ft
Prima Klima LA75-V46 490 Ft


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