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Biomate Earthworm
Biomate Earthworm

Biomate Earthworm

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3 liter1 190 Ft
20 lieter5 991 Ft

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Biomate Earthworm is a 100% organic and ecological, non-toxic substance that can be used to produce high quality plants, microorganisms, enzymes, plant nutrients and body fluids that enrich the soil organically while regulating the PH balance, biological and physical properties. It can be used in all agricultural cultivation, it increases the amount of organic matter in the soil, thanks to its use the plants grow and ripen stronger, faster, earlier harvesting is possible, and the yield can be up to 30% higher.

Key features

  • 100% high quality, flavored, aromatic plants
  • helps rehabilitate areas contaminated and impoverished by the use of chemicals
  • 100% organic, 100% organic, non-toxic
  • it does not pollute water, air and soil
  • does not contain additives
  • it organically enriches the soil, regulates the PH balance, biological and physical properties of the plant
  • accelerates root growth and density of plants
  • the microorganism activity of the soil increases and its water retention capacity also increases significantly

It accelerates the root growth and density of plants, so the plant can develop more strongly, and the resistance of plants to root diseases is improved. The nutrients, macro- and microelements in the earthworm humus dissolve slowly during irrigation, so they feed the plant for a long time, so the demand for humus in the earthworm decreases over time. The microorganism activity of the soil increases and its water retention capacity also increases significantly. It regulates the pH balance of the soil, allows phosphorus, potassium, iron, etc. solubility in the soil so that the plant can absorb nutrients.

About wormwood (vermicompost)

During their work, worms (earthworms) transfer to the compost (humus) the body fluids formed in their digestive system and around their bodies, which protects plants from diseases, improves endurance, the quality and natural aroma of vegetables and fruits. The digestive system of earthworms contains a number of microorganisms that are beneficial to plants: nitrogen, mycorrhizal fungi, natural growth hormones that have antibiotic effects, and enzymes. Enzymes that are transferred along with concentrated nutrients result in healthy and rapid plant growth.


3 liter1 190 Ft
20 lieter5 991 Ft


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