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Plagron Royal Mix soil
Plagron Royal Mix soil

Plagron Royal Mix soil

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25 liter5 991 Ft
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Plagron Royal Mix soil is a mixture of the finest, carefully selected varieties of peat. It contains different types of fiber, peat and earthworm fertilizer - all of which ensure strong plant growth and increased water retention. It contains a carefully selected combination of organic fertilizers that meets all the plant’s nutrient needs. They work for a long time, so the plants do not need to add any other nutrients or fertilizers during the first seven weeks.


  • complete manure for up to 6 weeks
  • a balanced selection of high quality peat and organic nutrients
  • the nutrient is released when the plant needs it (timed)
  • suitable for organic farming (CU certified)


Plagron Royalmix is ​​a ready-to-use, soil-free growing medium that can be used to plant and replant all flowering plants. It is necessary to rinse with water before use to wash away the immediately absorbed nutrients. After about 6 weeks, extra feeding is needed, depending on the condition of the plant.

Frequently asked questions about Royalmix

When you need to start giving nutrients depends on conditions such as the amount of light per square meter, the type of plant and other factors. It takes about two weeks for organic nutrients to become available to the plant. If you start fertilising from the fourth week, the nutrients will be available in week six, right at the point were the pre-fertilisation of the Royal Mix runs out.
No, combined with our 100% natural Grow Style you don't have to regulate the pH and EC values of nutrient solutions.
Our Royalmix is maximally fertilised. For young plants that are not yet accustomed to high EC-values, it may be difficult when they are suddenly planted into a maximum fertilised soil. Therefore we recommend to flush the Batmix before putting the plant into the Royalmix. This is done by filling the pot (eg 10 liters) with Royalmix and rinsing it with 5 to 10 liters of water. After this, the plant can be planted directly. The fertilisers that are absorbed directly will be flushed out with the water. Within the following days, the EC value in Royalmix will rise again and gradually the non absorbable fertilisers will be released.
Yes, we advise you to mix Batmix with full ground when your soil outside is very clayey. If your soil is very airy we would recommend you use Bat Guano.


25 liter5 991 Ft
50 l8 990 Ft


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