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Easy to use equipments for extracting essential oils and pressing pollen.

Pollen Presser

The handy 'BL' Pollen Presser S-Size is made of stable aluminium with two bolts and a lid on each side. The bolt on one side is taken out and the material to be pressed is filled in. The bolt is ...

Pollen Presser T-shaped 13 cm

The “T” shaped Pollen Press is a heavy duty pollen presser for pollen enthusiasts. Made from high quality aluminum, the press is 9 cm tall and requires low torque to deliver great ...

Stainless Steel Magnetic Pollen Presser 8,6 cm

Steel pollen presser with magnetic handle. This pollen presser can be taken on both sides and turned against each other. This enables an optimal translation of power when pressing.

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