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The grinder is a small hand-mill, with it, you can mince the dry parts of the herb finely and easily.
Various forms, materials and patterns available!

Gomoa Brand Acrylic Grinder

Unique acrilyc grinder with Gomoa brand sticker. You can also choose one for free if your purchase is over 10.000 HUF. (33,33 €) The free grinder is available HERE. diameter40 ...


Tightvac acrylic grinder various colors. 

Golfball grinder

This golf vall shaped grinder is not only good for grinding, but is can be a good hiding place too. Two parts Diameter: 4 cm Material: acryl    

Billiard Ball Grinder

  Do you love to game billiard? You will love this grinder too! Thumb pads for extra grip and a flat bottom to prevent rolling.    plastic 2 parts pyramid shaped ...

Biscuit Grinder 50 mm

Unique grinder with biscuit design and durable metal inner part to make it timeless. Diamater: 50 mm Metal inner part teeth: pyramid

Acrylic Ball Grinder 4 cm

Acrilyc ball grinder with magnetic closure and various pattern (smiley, billiard ball) Diameter: 4cm

Sixshooter grinder 5 cm

High quality 3 parted six shooter grinder. Three parts with pollen collector Diameter: 5 cm Material: metal

Wooden ball grinder

This wooden, ball shaped high quality grinder is very durable, and free from any harmful materials. Two parts Diameter: 5 cm Material: wood

Magno Mix CNC Grinder 4 cm

2 parts high quality CNC metal grinder from Magno MIx. Two parts Diameter: 4 cm Material: metal

Wooden Grinder

High Quality classic wooden grinder in two natural colors: dark- and light brown. Two parts Diameter: 5 cm Material: wood

Dope Bros Amsterdam 4 Part Grinder in 3 Metal Color

Dope Bros Amsterdam cut grinder. Made of durable, high quality, stainless metal. Available in 3 candy colors, choose your favourite! Diameter: 60mm 4 parts Magnetic ...

Grenade Grinder Metal 40 mm

Hand Grenagde grinder with 3 different design. material: metal diameter: 40mm 3 parts

Magno Mix CNC Metal Grinder 4 parts 5 cm

High quality 4 parts Magno Mix CNC metal grinder. Color: Silver 4 parts with pollen collector diameter: 5cm Material: metal

Metal barrel grinder

Barrel shaped red metal grinder with pollen collector. Three parts (with pollen collector) Diameter: 4 cm, Height: 5 cm Material: metal

Amsterdam XXX CNC herb grinder 2 parts 40 mm

Two parts herb grinder made of metal. Diameter: 40 mm. This two piece herb grinder has diamond shaped teeth to grind your herbs perfectly fine. Traditional model for those, who love simplicity. ...

Bling Diamond Grinder 3 parts 5 cm

Bling Diamond grinder with various pattern. 3 parts with pollen collector Diameter: 5 cm Material: metal

Rosewood Grinder with Stone Inlay 35 mm

2 parted rosewood and stone grinder with leaf design on the top.  2 parts material: soap stone diameter: 35 mm

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