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Albert Einstein once said that "pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgement in all human affairs." We have to agree. Lighting the bowl, taking a puff, holding it briefly then slowly exhaling... the smoking satisfaction can take you to some pretty philosophical places.

Smoking from a hand pipe is many smokers' favorite way to relax. Just holding a pipe brings delicious anticipation. At Gomoa.net, we've assembled a huge selection of hand pipes to choose from, made from a variety of materials, ranging from down-home corn cob pipes to one-of-a-kind glass art hand pipes.


Corn cob pipe  9 cm

Nine cm long corn cob pipe.

Metal Roller Pipe in Different Colors

2 in 1 metal rolling pipe. For smoking, and rolling. Available in silver and brown.

Magnetic "click" pipe various colours 7 cm

Metal magnetic "click" pipe in various colors. 7 cm. Colors available: red, blue, black and silver.

Glass 2 in 1 Pipe and Vaporizer

Unique 2 in 1 pipe with pipe and vaporizer function. It is filled with liquid which helps to cool down the smoke.

Glass Kawuum

Kawuum pipes are ideal for smoking herbal remedies that's smoke is harsh. To make easier to inhale, this pipe has a special shape that allows fresh air to mix with the smoke. According to the ...

Glass pipe oils

Glass "bubble" pipe.

Rosewood Pipe Carved 9 cm

Wonderful rosewood pipe with beautiful carvings. Length: 9 cm

Metal pipe in a gift box (with grinder / lighter)

The Metal pipe in a gift box (with grinder / lighter) is a metal pipe with a Grinder / Lighter packaged in a cannabis-patterned gift box. Main characteristics box contents: metal pipe, ...

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