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Sniffer vial

We recommend it to the following products: Sniffer plasctic, blue Sniffer plastic green

Sniffer Tube Heavy metal Design

Metal snuff tube with various heavy metal designs. Color: gold The design will be chosen automatically. To choose your favourite, please visit our shops. 

Sniffer Vial Small Transparent

Sniffer vial, transparent We recommend it to the following products: Sniffer plasctic, blue Sniffer plastic green

Sniffer Bottle with Spoon

This design is one of the favourite Sniffer vials used to date, easy to use with plenty of storage space with a price to match. Material: Metal & glass Color: silver

Slim Metal Sniffer Tube in Silver or Gold Colour

High quality metal snorter in silver or gold colour. Slim tube. Ideal for consuming snuff!

Hoover snorter

Vacuum cleaner shaped snuff snorter.  Available in Silver or Gold finish. Length: 6 cm

Snorting Kit Small

Sniffer Kit All in One.

Folding Blade

Folding Blade. Available in varoius colors.  Material: plastic and stainless steel Length: 7 cm

Sniffer Shovel

Plastic shovel to make filling the bottle easier. The accessory vial is not included. It is available in our webshop in two sizes. Sold only in black colour.

Sniffer Spoon Chopper Gold & Silver

Sniffer Spoon and chopper 2 in 1.   Color: gold and silver  Length: 7 cm

Fake Blade For Sniffers

Fake blade for sniffer sets. Material: stainless steel Length: 3,5 cm color: gold

Sniffer Aluminium Various Colors

Aluminium sniffer in four colors: Available colors: red

Aluminium Sniffer

Aluminium sniffer. Color: black, gold and purple Length: 7 cm

Sniffer Metal Various Colors

High quality metal sniffer in 4 colors. Available colors: blue, red, black, silver.

Sniffer Plastic in Different Colors

Plastic sniffer in different colors. Write down the desired color in the comment box while ordering. If not, the color will be chosen randomly.

Sniffer Double

Double Snuffer / sniffer made of stainless steel. Material: metal length: 7 cm

Glass Sniffer Tube

Snorter tube made of thick glass, available in different colors.

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