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Hesi Pro-Line Coco nutrients
Hesi Pro-Line Coco nutrients

Hesi Pro-Line Coco nutrients

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3 590 Ft

Product code: GRO0226


Fertiliser for the cultivation of flowering plants on coco medium.
Hesi Pro-line Coco is enriched with plant-active elements that increase the plant’s energy and maintain healthy flora on coco substrate. 
Dosage: 40ml/10 l water  
Measure pH level, if necessary add Hesi pH- or pH+ to correct.
Use Hesi Pro-Line TNT for the growing phase.
Optimal value EC: 1,6-2,2 mS/cm pH: 5,8-6,2       
EC fertilisers
NPK - fertiliser solution 4.3 / 5.8 / 6.8
with micronutrients.
1 litre is sufficient for 250 litres of water


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