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Hesi Pro-Line Root
Hesi Pro-Line Root

Hesi Pro-Line Root

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500 ml6 480 Ft
1 liter11 060 Ft
5 liter32 220 Ft
10 liter49 990 Ft
20 lieter79 990 Ft

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6 480 Ft

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Hesi Pro-Line Root is a complex nutrient solution that helps plants grow roots. Planting and repotting the plants comes with a lot of stress for them. This fertilizer makes it easier to cope with this stress, and also feeds useful microorganisms in the soil.

Inorganic magnesium sulphate solution (5 mg + 10 SO3), enriched with micronutrients for horticultural use.

Application Rate:
Normal Use: 40 ml nutrient solution per 10 Liter water
Mother Plants: 20 ml nutrient solution per 10 Liter water

Pro-Line Root is a perfect solution for mother plants and offshoots alike. Mix some of it with the irrigation water of the mother plant just some days before cutting down the offshoots. This way the plant will store up useful elements in the offshoots to have an advanced start right away!

Plants that are fed with this fertilizer during planting and repotting will become stronger, healthier, and will grow more rapidly.

This solution can be used in soil, coco, and hidroponics as well.

Advantages of using Hesi Pro-Line Root:

  • strengthens immunity of plants
  • can be used in any growing media
  • serves nutrients needed for rooting
  • reduces damage from planting and repotting
  • neutral pH and low EC level

Hesi Pro-Line Root can be combined with other Hesi products: Pro-Line SuperVit supplements important vitamins and amino acids to this fertilizer. Pro-Line TNT serves all the basic macro elements.


500 ml6 480 Ft
1 liter11 060 Ft
5 liter32 220 Ft
10 liter49 990 Ft
20 lieter79 990 Ft


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