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Nutriculture Flo-Gro Top Feed Drip System

Nutriculture Flo-Gro Top Feed Drip System

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Flo-Gro 50017 760 Ft
Flo-Gro 52037 760 Ft
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17 760 Ft

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The Nutriculture Flo-Gro Top Feed Drip System is a super-oxygenated pot with a timer, thus promoting abundant crop yields. The pot is filled with clay pebbles and the nutrient solution is pumped from the container and over the plants through a drip ring (as measured by the timer settings). Ideal for maximizing the growth of large plants as well as growing cuttings.

  Flo-Gro 500 Flo-Gro 510 Flo-Gro 520
Dimensions 560 mm long x 460 mm wide x 290 mm high 730 mm long x 730 mm wide x 270 mm high 1060 mm long x 550 mm wide x 310 mm high
Reservoir capacity 17 l 50 l
Planter capacity 20 l 50 l

Size: 30 cm high

Flo-Gro produces higher yields than plants grown in traditional pots, and is just as easy to use. The timer starts a pump that pushes the nutrient solution to a drip ring, which drips the solution onto the clay pebbles of the planter. It maintains a consistently high level of oxygen around the roots, which means that plants can be grown for longer, so more crops can be obtained from fewer plants.

It is important to ensure perfect conditions for the plant throughout its life cycle - for example by changing the frequency and duration of feeds.




Flo-Gro 50017 760 Ft
Flo-Gro 52037 760 Ft
Flo-Gro 51040 760 Ft


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