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Homebox Ambient Grow Tent

Homebox Ambient Grow Tent

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14 990 Ft

Product code: GRO2697 Videó: HOMEbox image film


Our new growbox Ambient product line is available in all the familiar sizes, ranging from the miniature Q30 version to the maximum growing experience of the Q300.

All eleven models feature the tried and tested technical details of HOMEbox® products, but have been further enhanced with a solidly integrated base.

The name Ambient makes the message clear: integration the growbox into the living space, for a „beautiful living experience“ for home gardeners and a perfect indoor gardening!

In the name of the Ambient tents, Q stands for square, and R for rectangle tent base.

Features of Homebox grow tents:

  • PAR+  (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is our super reflective lining, deleveloped exclusively for HOMEbox®. PAR+ is a “smart material” which reflects more plant-usable energy (PAR light) and less heat at your plants.
  • OMNIFLOW-AIRVENT  allows growers to actively direct incoming fresh air to exactly where it´s needed – for maximum benefit to the corp.
  • HIGH CAPACITY  Sturdy powdercoated steel rods offer almost unlimited possibilities for suspending heavy ventilation and lighting systems.
  • DOUBLE BASE  All models are fitted with an additional solid tent base as well as the familiar liner base.
  • TOTAL-BLACKOUT ZIPPERS  create a light-proof seal without the need for additional flaps and Velcro.
  • TUBES  optimised in size, position and quantity.
  • SOLID  Stronger frame poles, reinforced connectors and hooks.


size (cm)

grow space



30 X 30 X 60

0,09 m2

20 kg


60 X 60 X 120

0,36 m2

50 kg


80 X 70 X 60

0,48 m2

50 kg


80 X 80 X 180

0,64 m2

50 kg


100 X 100 X 200

1 m2

75 kg


120 X 90 X 180

1,08 m2

75 kg


120 X 120 X 200

1,44 m2

75 kg


200 X 200 X 200

4 m2

150 kg


240 X 120 X 200

4 m2

150 kg


240 X 240 X 200

5,76 m2

300 kg


300 X 300 X 200

9 m2

300 kg


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