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Hydro pot

Hydro pot

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5,5 cm30 Ft
8 cm130 Ft
15 cm1 389 Ft
19 cm1 889 Ft

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30 Ft

Product code: GRO1291


hydro pots in various sizes. To choose the right one, jut measure the upper diameter of your old hydro pots, or the diamater of the pot holes of your hydroponics system.

These pots were made of special material, that is safe for using in constant contact with water. There are no water soluble harmful materials in it.

Available sizes:

Hydro pot

Product code

Top diamater (A)

Bottom diameter (B)

Height (C)


5,5 cm

3,5 cm

5 cm


8 cm

5,7 cm

7 cm


15 cm

11 cm

12 cm


19 cm

14 cm

14 cm



5,5 cm30 Ft
8 cm130 Ft
15 cm1 389 Ft
19 cm1 889 Ft


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