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Made from pure clay mined in Germany, Seramis is a high quality growing medium suitable for use in drip re-circulating hydroponic systems and passive hydroculture. It's main features include:-

    Inert, ph neutral and naturally disease resistant
    When used in hydroponics systems cannot be overwatered
    Does not break down, can be cleaned and re-used many times
    Very strong capilary action
    Increased nutrient uptake, plants respond to changes in nutrient formulation immediately

Establish plant in propagation substrate of your choice, then place plant in a suitable amount of Seramis growing medium - as a rough guideline we tend to recommend around 10-15 litres per plant, the longer the life of the plant the more medium you should use. Seramis performs best in constantly fed drip re-circulating systems, in this type of system it's impossible to overwater so the pump can and should be run constantly. In the early stages however, you may wish to hold back on watering slightly for plants that have been established in Rockwool or a similar type of growing substrate, until the plant has put down a good root system into the Seramis itself.

At first glace Seramis looks expensive, but it's simply a case of getting what you pay for. It's already a huge seller in Germany and Holland - in time we believe Seramis will become at least as popular in the UK due to ease of use and great results. Highly recommended.



2,5 liter1 990 Ft
7,5 liter3 989 Ft
15 liter5 989 Ft
30 liter8 989 Ft


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