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Golden incense (in several scents)

Golden incense (in several scents)

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Golden Nag Champa 15 g690 Ft
Golden Nag Darshan 15 g690 Ft
Golden Nag Forest 15 g690 Ft
Golden Nag Chandan 15 g690 Ft

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690 Ft

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Golden incense sticks (in several scents) are handmade Indian masala incense made from natural ingredients. Smoking is the practice of burning sacred herbs, resins, and trees for purification, healing, ritual, and ceremonial purposes. It helps to relax, the scent of flower oil, spices and herbs soothes the body, soul, nerves, environment, strengthens the subconscious sensitivity. It is made from solid, fragrant ingredients, herbs, exotic spices, grits of resins and minimal essential oil. The mass made from this is usually hand-twisted onto bamboo fiber.


  • Golden Nag Champa 15 g
  • Golden Nag Darshan 15 g
  • Golden Nag Forest 15 g
  • Golden Nag Meditation 15 g
  • Golden Nag Chandan 15 g

Smoking was part of ancient Indian culture. Masala is one of the main ingredients in the making of incense and is also used in religious ceremonies. Masala incense is made exclusively from natural ingredients.


  • Never leave burning incense unattended!
  • Avoid using incense in case of pregnancy / breathing problems.
  • Do not use on a free surface as it may cause ash burns and stains!
  • For best results, use in a draft-free environment.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Use incense in a well-ventilated area.
  • Use incense in moderation! Excessive smoking can cause coughing, difficulty breathing, or migraines.


Golden Nag Champa 15 g690 Ft
Golden Nag Darshan 15 g690 Ft
Golden Nag Forest 15 g690 Ft
Golden Nag Chandan 15 g690 Ft


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