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Mitragyna Hirsuta (Kratom alternative)

Mitragyna Hirsuta (Kratom alternative)

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Mitragyna Hirsuta (Kratom alternative) is a plant found in parts of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam that belongs to the same genus of trees as kratom. Mitragyna hirsuta contains mitragynine and mitraphylline, the two most prominent alkaloids found in kratom. It also contains several other alkaloids that have similar benefits. Mitragyna hirsuta is marketed for human consumption in several European countries, but based on Hungarian legislation, it can only be sold here for botanical and analytical purposes, as well as for external use as a vegetable dye. Among users, Mitragyna hirsuta is referred to as kra thum khok, which is very similar to the word "kratom". The plant has similar bright green leaves that are slightly smaller than those found on the kratom plant. The effects of the plant are also similar to kratom. Packaging: 50 grams.

Its consumption is recommended according to traditional use.
Mitragyna hirsuta can be used in much the same way as kratom. There are several ways to do this.

  • Chewing the raw leaves

Traditionally, both kratom and kra thum khok were chewed straight from the tree. Chewing the leaves allows users to gradually develop the effects of the plant. This was most often done during long working days to overcome fatigue.

  • Dried, powdered leaves

Mitragyna hirsuta can be dried and ground into a powder, similar to kratom. In the West, this is the most popular way to use the plant.

  • Brewed tea

Kra Thum khok can be brewed into tea and drunk. Dried and ground leaves are best for this, although the powder can also be brewed into tea.

Alkaloids in Mitragyna hirsuta
Alkaloids are biologically active compounds found in plants. Alkaloids are the reason why different plants have different effects. The two most popular and best-studied alkaloids in kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. None of these alkaloids are found in Mitragyna hirsuta. However, the plant also contains some other alkaloids that have also been identified in kratom. The best-known alkaloid found in Mitragyna hirsuta is mitraphyllin. Mitraphylline has also been detected in kratom, as well as in a plant known as cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa). Mitraphylline binds to the same opioid receptors as mitragynine and has similar effects. Mitragyna hirsuta also contains a compound known as isomitraphylline. This compound has a similar effect to mitraphylline. Izmitraphylline is recognized as the alkaloid of choice for dietary supplement companies hoping to standardize cat's claw extracts.


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