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420 LED Grow Circle Series

420 LED Grow Circle Series

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74 990 Ft

Product code: GRO2723


Looking at the W output, the 420LED lamps are among the best on the market. After a lot of research work, 420LED found the most useful diodes for plant growing. They fitted secondary optical lens on the reflectors to improve the brightness and control the direction of the emitted light.

The diodes of the Circle Series are only 3W each! Thanks to this, heat emission is very low, but light concentration is intensive – with the right lamp height. Do not forget, the suggested greenhouse temperature of around 25°C must be ensured here as well!

General informations:

  • 12 different color spectrums, with 650 mA diodes.
  • Aluminium cooling gills for efficient heat distribution.
  • Excellent quality materials: long lifespan, great output.
  • The secondary optical lens distributes light in a way that it goes into the foliage of the plants. It does not dissipate on the leaves.

Three biggest advantages of LED lamps to HID lamps:

  • Low heat emission (you do not need cooling)
  • Low energy consumption (but not low performance!)
  • Long lifespan (even 50-100 thousand working hours!), without dropping of efficiency.

These lamps do not burn the plants so much if you place them closer to them. However, their brightness is high, so if you place them too close, the leaves might curl, the plants might slow down in growing. You should try different positions to find the perfect one.

Because the LED lamps generate less heat in the growing area, our plants evaporate less, so they will need less irrigation water. The soil around their roots is cooler too, so the plants will grow healthier. Low evaporation means lower emission of essential oils. Flowers will remain odorous, fruits will remain tasty!


LED groups #

W output

Size (mm)

For how many plants?

lighted area (mm)


140 W

270 X 283 X 85


650 X 760


210 W

383 X 283 X 85


680 X 760


280 W

496 X 283 X 84


1190 X 760


350 W

609 X 283 X 85


1460 X 760


420 W

722 X 283 X 85


1730 X 760


560 W

948 X 283 X 85


2270 X 760


630 W

1061 X 283 X 85


2540 X 760


900 W

1174 X 283 X 85


2820 X 760




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