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Advanced-Star Led Bar Full Spectrum Lamp

Advanced-Star Led Bar Full Spectrum Lamp

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33W19 890 Ft
50W26 690 Ft
67W29 790 Ft

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19 890 Ft

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Advanced-Star is a well respected brand ont he growlighting market. Their LED Bar product comes in the quality we are used to. They can be well used for the total life phase of the plants, emitting full spectrum light.

Thanks to the good quality materials and longsighted design, these lamps can be well used in serious gardens as supplementary lighting, or many lamps can be used together as main lighting in glass houses and grow tents. Placing them in the corners of growboxes will significantly enhance lighting for our plants. They will not burn the leaves, but the foliage will be much more bushy.

Among LED lamps, this one is pretty cheap, which enables hobby gardeners to use them on their indoor plants and aquariums. These lamps have low consumption, our expenses will not grow after purchase either.

As every LED lamp, these too emit very low heat. This compensates the bit higher price than HID lamps, because we will not have to spend on cooling systems. LED lamps can be placed close to the plants, they will not burn them (but beware, they emit a lot of light, which will make the leaves curl)! Lifespan of the bulbs is longer, which makes our later expenses even lower.

Advantages of Advanced-Star LED Star:

  • Built-in power supply
  • Plug and play! No assembly needed.
  • Wide color range, full spectrum lighting
  • Energy saving
  • Splashproof
  • High PAR emission (needed for photosynthesis)
  • Minimum 50.000 hours lifespan

The product can be purchased in the following measures:






33 W

50 W

67 W

Red-Blue ratio




LED type


Size (mm)

550 x 30 x 30

850 x 30 x 30

1150 x 30 x 30


1,5 kg

1,8 kg

2,1 kg

power input/ LED



85-265 V



33W19 890 Ft
50W26 690 Ft
67W29 790 Ft


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