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Advanced-Star Led Star COB G05 Full Spectrum LED

Advanced-Star Led Star COB G05 Full Spectrum LED

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200 W74 990 Ft
2x200W117 990 Ft
4x200W199 490 Ft

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74 990 Ft

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The full-spectrum LED Star is a specially developed lamp from the well-known Adanced-Star company to guide your plants through their entire life cycle. The precise design, quality materials and reliable operation we are accustomed to are also features of this product.

Advanced-Star LED Star specifications:

  • Built-in cooling system
  • Built-in power supply
  • Does not require assembly. Simple installation!
  • Full color spectrum
  • 100% PAR
  • 20.000 hours lifetime

An important feature of LED lighting is that it generates low heat. This means savings for us on two fronts: The electricity is not used for making useless heat, and we will also need less cooling fans. Above that, we also protect our plants from burning. LED lamps nevertheless have longer lifetime than HID lamps. A LED lamp purchased for a reasonable price – looking at its efficiency and so the expected harvest – will return the invested amount in a very short time.


200 W

2 x 200 W

4 x 200 W


AC-85 265 V

AC-85 265 V

AC-85 265 V

Measures (mm):





530 mA

530 mA

530 mA


1 piece Epistar 64 x 3W

2 pcs Epistar 64 x 3W

4 pcs Epistar 64 x 3W


660nm, 640nm, 470nm, 460nm, 440nm, 525nm, 730nm


200 W74 990 Ft
2x200W117 990 Ft
4x200W199 490 Ft


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