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Lumatek ATS Grow LED

Lumatek ATS Grow LED

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Lumatek ATS 200W124 990 Ft
Lumatek ATS 200W PRO141 990 Ft
Lumatek ATS 300W172 850 Ft
Lumatek ATS 300W PRO194 400 Ft

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124 990 Ft

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The Lumatek ATS Grow LED is a high-efficiency, full-spectrum gardening LED that balances light quality (spectrum) with the amount of light (intensity and duration) sufficient for single-source illumination throughout the growth cycle from vegetative to flowering.

Key features

  • High efficiency
  • High PPF
  • High quality Lumatek LED drivers
  • Top category LEDs
  • Full spectrum
  • Compact design
  • Fully adjustable (dimmable)
  • Plug & Play (i.e. no need to mount, plug in, and work)
  Lumatek ATS 200W Lumatek ATS 200W PRO Lumatek ATS 300W Lumatek ATS 300W PRO
Efficiency 2,3 µmol/J 2,5 µmol/J 2,3 µmol/J 2,7 µmol/J
PPF 460 µmol/s 690 µmol/s
Input voltage 220-240V, 50-60Hz
Energy consumption 200 W 205 W 300 W 310 W
Space requirements 0,8 x 0,8 m 1,0 x 1,0 m
Lifetime 60.000 h
Light distribution 110°
Dimmability 20% - 40% - 60% - 80% - 100% 25% - 50% - 75% - 100% 20% - 40% - 60% - 80% - 100% 25% - 50% - 75% - 100%
Weight 3,9 kg 4 kg 5,2 kg
Dimensions 508 x 508 x 86  mm 524,5 x 524,5 x 71,6 mm 558,2 x 558,2 x 86,8 mm 559,5 x 559,5 x 71,6 mm
Spectrum full spectrum +
BTU 757 BTUs / h 703 BTUs/ h  1.124 BTUs / h max. 1.082 BTUs / h (with driver attached)
max. 1.006 BTUs / h (with driver remote)
Recommended grow tent 0,8m2 1m2

Why switch to LED crop production?

Benefits include energy savings; With the help of Lumatek LED solutions, savings of 40% in electricity consumption can be achieved.

Plant and crop performance; The first studies show that for growers using LED lighting, yield growth is changing in a positive direction.

Less maintenance; Lumatek LEDs are designed for 60,000 hours of use.
Reduced HVAC; Lumatek LEDs are extremely efficient and lower power consumption releases less heat into the space, resulting in lower HVAC load and operating costs.

Safety; Lumatek LED drives are intelligent and have full protection, including overvoltage / undervoltage, short circuit and overheating. All Lumatek LED luminaires are CE certified and LVD and EMC compliant.

Flexible light intensity; Lumatek LEDs can be dimmed to adjust PPF levels to yield and growth stage without changing the spectral power distribution or losing efficiency.


Lumatek ATS 200W124 990 Ft
Lumatek ATS 200W PRO141 990 Ft
Lumatek ATS 300W172 850 Ft
Lumatek ATS 300W PRO194 400 Ft


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