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SANlight EVO 5-150 320 W Led for crop production

SANlight EVO 5-150 320 W Led for crop production

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SANlight EVO Led for crop production has a long service life and exceptionally good system efficiency. Its broadband light spectrum extends beyond the traditional PAR range, which positively affects photomorphogenesis and thus the quality and quantity of the crop.

Key features

  • positively affects the quality and quantity of the crop
  • good system efficiency
  • long life
  • broadband light spectrum
  • reduces photon transport losses
  • easy to clean optics
  • water and moisture resistant

It results in homogeneous illumination with the best light intensity (PPFD). Asymmetric secondary optics minimize photon transport losses in plants and protect LEDs from the environmental effects to which the luminaire is exposed during crop production. Sulfur and other chemicals cannot penetrate the LED. The optics are easy to clean. The possibility of protection and cleaning guarantees constant light emission for many years.

The luminaire is compatible with typical control systems used in greenhouse technology. Alternatively, the luminaire can be retrofitted with a magnetic or Bluethooth dimmer. They work without wear, they are not harmed by humidity and water. All connectors in the EVO series are made with high quality waterproof connectors created in commercial horticulture in recent decades.

  EVO 5
Power consumption 320 W
Input voltage 100 - 244 / 277 V
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Max. input current 1,5 A (220 V)
Weight EVO 5-150
8 kg
PPF 870
Emission wave range 400 - 780


  EVO 5-150
Tent size 150 x 150 cm
Amount luminaires 2x
Height 50 cm
Position of luminaires

between luminaires: 90 cm
from walls: 30 cm

Tilting degree 11o

User's manual is available here.


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