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Secret Jardin HPLED 200W Full Spectrum LED

Secret Jardin HPLED 200W Full Spectrum LED

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Secret Jarden HPLED200 is a «full spectrum» (Including UV & IR) LED grow light, compatible with growing and flowering stages. Very easy to setup, with the height adjustment system included, it will give your plants more than 400 μmol/s for only 200 watts consumption, on a 60cm x 60cm grow area.

Reference HPLED200
Revision R1.00
Weight 4.8kg
Dimensions Ø29cm
Height : 20cm
Power Consommation : 200 W
Voltage : 100-270 V
Frequence : 50/60 Hz
Cable & Plug Length : 300cm
Types : C / G / A
Model : UE / UK / US

Working Min : 0°C
Max : 40°C

Storing Min : -40°C
Max : 70°C

IP Class : IP65
Advised Grow Area & Distance

Blooming :
60cm x 60cm
Distance Height : 35cm

Growing :
90cm x 90cm
Distance Height : 45cm



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