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Urban Garden SPY LED II. LED for plant growing

Urban Garden SPY LED II. LED for plant growing

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Urban Garden SPY II. 250 W194 700 Ft
Urban Garden SPY II. 510 W324 710 Ft
Urban Garden SPY II. 700 W432 060 Ft

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194 700 Ft

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The Urban Garden SPY LED II. LED for plant growing is a high-performance LED that allows increased plant control for more branched, denser flowers - all in an energy-efficient way.

The LED contains 3K + 5K white diodes and 660 nm reds to create a rich, full spectrum, resulting in high quality light. It enhances photosynthesis, thus promoting better quality and healthier plants - in all life cycles (vegetative and flowering phases). The SPY LED is equipped with 3 independent channels (VEG, BLOOM, UV) for spectral diversity and control. The VEG channel is full-spectrum, rich in blue, BLOOM is full-spectrum, rich in red and far red, and UV UVA + in near blue provides the best end result.

It is recommended to place the LEDs at a distance of 45 - 65 cm from the plants. By using dimmers, intensity can be influenced, saving energy (and thus cost) and maximizing system efficiency. It is advisable to wear sunglasses when working on LEDs.

Main characteristics

  • full spectrum LED (full cycle solar spectrum optimized for fast growth and full plant development)
  • pure white light with higher luminous flux and rated output
  • optimal spectrum to simulate sunlight
  • fanless design, quiet operation
  • well adjustable and dimmable - dimmable (3 adjustable options: VEG switch, Bloom switch, UV switch, which can be adjusted separately, freely adjustable lamps according to different growth stages)
  • Samsung Osram LED source
  • excellent HPS replacement
  • easy to install (Plug & Play design, easy to transport, easy maintenance, can be used immediately after installation)

Can be used in both indoor plant production and film tents.

  Urban Garden SPY LED II. 250 W Urban Garden SPY LED II. 510 W Urban Garden SPY LED II. 700 W
LED Source Samsung LM301H / Osram ssl80
Power Draw 250 W 510 W 700 W
Input Voltage 100 - 277 V
Spectrum full spectrum
Efficiency 2,75 μmol / J
Dimensions 54 x 54 x 11 cm 84 x 84 x 11 cm 112 x 112 x 11 cm
Dimming manual & RJ11 Controller
Weight 8,6 kg 10,6 kg 15,5 kg
Lighting area 100 x 100 cm 120 x 120 cm 150 x 150 cm
Min. suspension distance 40 - 50 cm
For 70% dimmed output 25 - 30 cm

PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is the part of solar radiation in the 400-700 nm range that can be used by photosynthetic organisms in photosynthesis. As winter approaches, the plants receive less natural sunlight.

In production, it becomes necessary to use artificial lighting. The use of high-pressure metal halide lamps is a well-proven additional method of crop production. However, their disadvantage is that only a small part of the electricity used is converted into light, so that most of the energy is wasted in the form of reactive heat energy. In many cases, their efficiency is less than 30%. In contrast, LED lighting produces minimal heat, with a greater portion of the energy being converted to photons, which is needed for photosynthesis, providing energy for plant growth. With LED lighting, a minimum of 50% of electricity can be saved compared to conventional lighting.

The benefits of LED

  • the production cycle can be extended by up to 3 months
  • the ripening time can be precisely determined, so that both harvesting and delivery can take place at a pre-programmed rate
  • minimum thermal energy production
  • enhancement of photosynthesis

Because plant LED lamps emit less heat and do not radiate at all in the infrared range, they dry the soil and plants less. The water consumption of the plants is reduced, so there is a risk of over-irrigation with unchanged irrigation. By reducing irrigation, the amount of nutrient solution should also be reviewed and reduced.

Optional controller (for group control, timing and controllable functions).


Urban Garden SPY II. 250 W194 700 Ft
Urban Garden SPY II. 510 W324 710 Ft
Urban Garden SPY II. 700 W432 060 Ft


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