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Hps And Mh Ballasts

These units power and control HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lights.  Lamps cannot function without these units. We stock a variety of types of ballasts. 

All HPS/MH Ballasts run both HPS and MH lamps.

Green Force Ballast

Green Force ballast  FEATURES:     Complete unit for high pressure discharge lamps;     Power on led protection class 1;     Finished in ...

Urban Garden Plug&Play ballast 600W

Works perfectly with both metal halide(MH)and high sodium(HPS)lamps. With IEC and EU cables.  Benefits: Low power consumption, Quiet running, Low magnetic leakage and ...

ETI ballast

ETI ballast

Lumatek digital ballast

The market's most popular and best digital ballast. The Lumatek eballast is a performance leader. Dimmable. Allows light brightness to be turned down, or turned up to the Super Lumens ...

Green Force Dimmable Digital Ballast

The best quality dimmable digital ballast on the market! This ballast is made of quality materials to get the highest value product. Its quick ignition will result in the bulb working at 100% in 5 ...

- 50%
Green Force PRO ballast 600 W

  Green Force PRO 600 W digital ballast is a high quality ballast for operating grow lamps. Can be used with HPS amd MH lamps as well. Unique, special feature is that it has a remote ...

69 000 Ft34 500 Ft
Remote Control For Green Force PRO 600 W Digital Ballast

Remote control for Green Force PRO 600 W digital ballast. The remote is optional, not neseccary for operating or programming the ballast, but it will make it a lot easier. This remote control ...

Agrolite ballast

Agrolite ballast thermo fuse Explosion-proof capacitor Works only with 1m 0.75 mm cable!

10 990 Ft
Dimmable Digital Ballast

Slim 600w Ballast The Slim ballast is our new generation super slim dimmable ballast – it is fan cooled and very cool running. The Slim ballast is a 600w ballast, with a 15% extra boost ...

54 990 Ft
Nanolux digital ballast

The revolutionary Nanolux dimmable digital ballast is a premier choice for your garden. The Nanolux uses cutting edge circuit board technology to make it 1/2 the size of traditional digital ballasts ...

45 990 Ft 22 995 Ft
Nanolux Passive (No Fan) Digital Ballast

NF SERIES DIGITAL BALLAST The NF series of Nanolux ballasts is our fully sealed Non fan ballast model. Cool running with a sleek and stream lined design. Input voltage: ...

49 990 Ft
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