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Wide Range Of Grow Reflectors Like Adjust A Wings For Use With Hps, Metal Halide And Envirolites Lamps

These help create better reflection from bulbs' light by promoting rays to reflect towards the growing area. These reflectors can be used without ballasts if being used with Envirolites or any self ballasted lamp with an E40 fitting.

Reflektor (nagy, E40-es foglalattal)

Reflektor (47,5 x 47,5 cm ) with E40 socket

- 20%
Adjust A Wing Defender

The Defender Reflector is an industrial strength model. The surface of the reflector is a ‘titanium white’ heat resistant powder coat that produces a very diffuse and even spread light ...

16 490 Ft13 192 Ft
Adjust A Wings Medium Enforcer

The Enforcer is Adjust-A-Wings’ entry level model, making a premium reflector affordable to all growers. They offer no contest to the superior Avengers and Defenders in terms of reflectivity or ...

Cool Tube + reflektor

Perfect combination for those who want to reach the best performance of their lighting. The Cool Tube cooles down the air around the bulb, and makes it safe to put the bulb closer to the plants. The ...


The latest trend in lighting technology: The Cool-Wing-Reflector. Perfectly suited for the lighting of vast areas with low ceiling.  

Cool Tube

 The securely-mounted 5KV mogul socket is completely prewired inside a protective junction box. The multi-point hanging system allows the unit to be hung horizontally or vertically for ...

Secret Jardin Daisy Reflector

The Secret Jardin Daisy Reflector is designed for HPS, MH and CFL lamps. The canopy shape provides up to 40% more light, which is more even than conventional reflectors. Thanks to its umbrella-shaped ...

Prima Klima Azerwing reflector

The Prima Klima Azerwing reflector with E40 lamp holder provides a homogeneous light distribution for HPS and MH lamps without hotspots. Main characteristics lamp holder with infinitely ...

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger with Spreader

Adjustable Double Parabolic reflector "Unbeatable Performance" "Unmatched Productivity" Avenger Large Performance Comparison to Conventional Reflectors     85% ...

29 990 Ft
Diamond Reflektor D600

Ecotechnics Diamond Reflectors are the result of 15 years experience in the hydroponics industry. Photometric Laboratory testing has revealed that diamond reflectors produce an average light ...

23 000 Ft
Lightwave T5 Tube

Model Wattage Lumen  LW 22 48 W 3300 lm  LW 24 96 W 6600 lm  LW 44 216 W 16600 ...

25 990 Ft
Lumatek Tekken Pro DE reflector

The Lumatek Tekken Pro DE is a premium professional grade reflector designed specifically for grow room and grow tent use. The closed end design is vented to allow heat dissipation and focuses the ...

56 990 Ft
Prima Klima Spudnik Reflector

The Prima Klima Spudnik Reflector is an air-cooled lamp reflector. The PVD-coated aluminum design can provide up to 95% reflection for the highest light utilization. Sizes 125 mm (5 ...

39 990 Ft 27 993 Ft
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