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Wide Range Of Grow Reflectors Like Adjust A Wings For Use With Hps, Metal Halide And Envirolites Lamps

These help create better reflection from bulbs' light by promoting rays to reflect towards the growing area. These reflectors can be used without ballasts if being used with Envirolites or any self ballasted lamp with an E40 fitting.

Easy Rolls (2db)

 Easy-Rolls are useful accessories that allow you to adjust the height of the lighting fixtures (bulb and reflector) and suspended plants.  Volvit Easy-Rolls is patented by SACLA srl ...

Cable & power cord IEC C14 d:1,5mm

2,5 m or 4m Cable with plug. The essential accessory for assembling the lamp set. IEC C14

E40 to Adjust-A-Wing

E40 for Adjust-A-Wing

Electrical Cable 2,5 mm 1m

 Electrical wire for high performance ballast and bulbs   2,5mm thick three-wire

Flexocord 3x1mm2 with Plug

  We recommend white, flexible electrical cables for transformers and lamps and all electrical equipment with a power output not exceeding 2300 W.   Grounded plug, the cable is ...

Cable & Plug 3x 1,5 3m

3 m Cable with plug. The essential accessory for assembling the lamp set. For installation guide please take a note in the comment section.

Adjust a Wing Spreader Medium Original

The Super-Spreader® combines common sense and innovation with advancements in effective surface technology to produce a truly Super Light Spreader! The new design is attractive, lightweight and ...

Electrical Cable 0,75 mm2

White, flexible electric cable for transformators and lamps Isulation: 300/500 V Cross section: 0.75mm2 3 worth The specified price is a meter price!  

Electrical Cable 1,5 mm 1m

 Electrical wire for high performance ballast and bulbs   1,5mm thick three-wire

Light Mover

Light Mover is an adjustable, self-propelled light mover that transports a light system along a 180 cm aluminum track. Simple, lightweight and easy to install, they can handle reflectors and ...

Gounded Plug

  White, grounded, plastic plug. Only used indoors, it must be protected from falling.   Properties: - 3500W (14A) - 230-250V AC, 50Hz - IP20 protection - cable side ...

Light Rail 4 AdjustaDrive

LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive will move any weighted indoor grow light. And, for those with heavier weights, we have Extreme Duty Trolley Wheels available as an upgrade option that are very easy to ...

Advanced Star Starlight v4.8 Light Mover

STARLIGHT V4.7 LIGHT RAIL MOVER moves the lamp along the horizon of the plants, allowing a uniform distribution of light with a significant energy saving (it is as if you doubled the power of your ...

58 790 Ft
E40 Socket & Cable

E40 socket and cable (1,8m) + hanger

Rope Ratchet  hanger

No Matter What The Job We Make It Simple And Secure. For Work, Play, Home, Office, Garage, Yard, Ranch, Farm, Auto, Truck, Boat, Aircraft If It Needs To Be Tied Down Or Hoisted ROPE RATCHET CAN DO ...

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