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VaporGenie Classic Portable Vaporizer Pipe

VaporGenie Classic Portable Vaporizer Pipe

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19 990 Ft

Out of stock
Product code: HED1317


The VaporGenie Classic is a vaporizer pipe that's dramatically safer and more pleasant to use than a conventional combustion pipe.

The VaporGenie gently heats your herb so that it releases the flavour compounds, but does not burn. Tar and toxic smoke are greatly reduced. The VaporGenie provides super-smooth vapour. There is no coughing or burning throat. It feels like you are inhaling warm, flavoured air.

    The VaporGenie is used with a lighter or match and is completely portable.

    You can take the VaporGenie anywhere. It fits in your pocket.

    The VaporGenie is not electronic. It is simple to use and reliable.

    The VaporGenie is guaranteed against product defects for life.

    The VaporGenie is a high-quality, durable product that will provide you with many years of satisfying vaporization.


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