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Metrop AminoXtreme
Metrop AminoXtreme

Metrop AminoXtreme

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Metrop AminoXtrem bloom stimulator is a Bio stimulator based on synthesized free amino acids (SFAA's) and oligo peptides of low molecular weight (LWOP's). A quick absorption (90% in within 7 hours) foliar nutrient consisting of amino acids combined with phosphate and nutrients. Characteristics: Metrop AminoXtrem has been developed specifically as a floral bio-stimulant. Metrop AminoXtrem bloom stimulator is made up of synthesized free amino acids supplemented with phosphate. Since Metrop AminoXtrem plant stimulator penetrates directly into the cells of the plant by its own biochemical means its absorption does not tax the plant?s energy and there fore is independent of chlorophyll activity. Metrop AminoXtrem bloom stimulator provides an additional supply of phosphate, a decisive factor for all flowering stages.Doses and application:With foliar application: 2,5 - 5 l/ha. May be increased in exceptional cases to 7,5 l/ha depending on the crop and the specific conditions of the flowering process. Dilute in water and when buds begin to appear, repeat the treatment within 2 - 3 weeks of initial application when storage organs are formed as well as at the beginning of seed development. Alwac


0,25 liter10 991 Ft
1 liter22 990 Ft
5 liter74 990 Ft


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