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Metrop MR1
Metrop MR1

Metrop MR1

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Metrop MR1 grow fertilizer/growth fertilizer NPK 10-40-20.

Dont buy water, buy concentrated fertilizers !

Most phosphorus in a plant or tree is in the root !

The higher the phosphorus level in a growth fertilizer, the greater root growth !

In Metrop Hydroponics MR1 grow fertilizer, the NPK and micro-elements balance is specially composed to produce the highest possible yield and root from the plant.

The raw materials of Metrop Hydroponics MR1 grow fertilizer is of very high purity, which makes it possible to achieve a high NPK proportion without disturbing the plant.
The quality of the raw materials ensures that it will never clog the vat or irrigation system. Once prepared with water, the EC will remain stable.

The micro elements are also added to a higher and purer degree, so that the plants have a faster and better photosynthesis, which is beneficial for the quality of the end product.

Metrop Hydroponics MR1 grow fertiliser is a high-quality plant extract containing all macro and micro nutrients required for growth and early bloom in any medium.

Assures the availability of sufficient potassium for the start of the bloom and robustness of the plant;
Assures the availability of sufficient phosphorus for explosive root growth;
Assures the availability of sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis;
Does not contain harmful colouring agents and is not diluted with water: it consists only of the purest raw  materials. Therefore use with a low EC;
Keep out of reach of children.

If the soil is nutrient-rich, give this mixture 1 to 3x per week. Give daily if the soil is nutrient-poor or if you use hydroponic growth methods. Water every day as needed.
Be careful not to overdose.
This product should be stored in a dark, frost-free place.
In the event of eye contact in concentrated form, rinse eyes immediately with water.
Shake the container well!
Metrop Hydroponics MR1 grow fertiliser is biologically degradable.

EC-FERTILISER, complex suspension NPK-fertilizer 10-40-20 with trace elements:
total nitrogen (N) 10.00% - nitrate (N) 4.65% - ammonia (N) 5.35% - phosphate (P) soluble in water 40.00% - potash (K) soluble in water 20.00% - magnesium (Mg) soluble in water 1.50% - iron (Fe) soluble in water, chelated by EDTA 0.17% - manganese (Mn) soluble in water, chelated by EDTA 0.085% - copper (Cu) soluble in water, chelated by EDTA 0.085% - zinc (Zn) soluble in water, chelated by EDTA 0.085% - boron (B) soluble in water 0.035% - cobalt (Co) soluble in water, chelated by EDTA 0.0012% - molybdenum (Mo) soluble in water 0.0012%


0,25 liter10 991 Ft
1 liter22 990 Ft
5 liter74 990 Ft


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