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Metrop Root+
Metrop Root+

Metrop Root+

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1 liter22 990 Ft
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Metrop Root+ is a biological root stimulator. High quality plant extract containing all amino acids and vitamins for root and plant growth in any medium. It consists of enzymes from oxidoreductase, transferase and ligate groups - trunk and root growth is catalyzed not only by faster ion transfer, but also by faster movement of minerals and linking of minerals to organic building blocks. It increases mineral intake and promotes the bioavailability of minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron. Enzymes are required for all functions and each cell needs about 100,000 units for metabolism - resulting in better growth, more intense color and more resilient plants.

Main characteristics

  • stimulates the explosive formation of roots
  • stimulates the growth of hair roots
  • increases resistance to diseases
  • increases stress tolerance
  • heals diseased cuttings
  • stimulates the production of hormones responsible for root formation
  • stimulates the production of enzymes
  • it is absorbed directly without the intervention of enzymes

Before use, it is advisable to shake it thoroughly and then mix it with the irrigation water in a small container. The exact dilution ratio can be found in the instructions for use. Rinse the measuring devices after use!


1 liter22 990 Ft
5 liter74 990 Ft


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