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Lumatek MH bulb

Lumatek MH bulb

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250 W8 990 Ft
400 W12 990 Ft
600 W16 990 Ft
1000 W26 990 Ft

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8 990 Ft

Product code: GRO2880


Lumatek MH (Metal Halide) grow lamps are perfect for the vegging / growing stage of your plants life.

Metal halide lamp comprising of a quartz arc tube filled with high-pressure mercury, and a 3-band-mixture of metal halogens in a hard glass bulb. Light color 'cool white' for the growth phase of the plant. 

This metal halide lamp is not suitable for the flowering stage, as it lacks the colors yellow and red.

Lumatek Ltd launch their new range of horticultural HID grow lamps. The lamp's components have been reinforced making them much more robust and therefore a long life grow-lighting solution delivering a high level of Photosynthetic Active Radiation to promote healthy plant growth.

These lamps have strengthened seals and a reinforced arc frame to ensure that they will provide long lasting performance with stable lumen output.


250 W8 990 Ft
400 W12 990 Ft
600 W16 990 Ft
1000 W26 990 Ft


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