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Honeybee extractor The Queen Bee

Honeybee extractor The Queen Bee

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Out of stock
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Queen Bee Honey Bee Extractor (Maxi) 24 cm with two filters.

If you've been wanting to try making your own BHO (butane honey oil) at home, don't take chances with homemade extractors that can break down, contaminate your oil, or at worst, blow up the neighborhood. This oil extractor is made of chemically resistant plastic. All you need is butane gas (inexpensive and readily available), safety glasses and gloves, a Pyrex bowl or tray, and dry, finely ground herb.

Instructions in English and German are included, and a quick video search will show you a variety or methods, such as placing your bowl in a sink of hot water or on top of a hot water bottle to let the butane evaporate until your BHO is ready to use!

Buy the oil extractor filters and butan gas in our webshop too.

Always use the Honeybee Queen Bee oil extractor in a well-ventilated area, and DO NOT smoke while extracting, wear loose clothes or use near any open flame or sparks!




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