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Jiffy Pelletts 42 mm

Jiffy Pelletts 42 mm

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50 pieces1 490 Ft
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1 490 Ft

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Jiffy Pellets are used for starting seeds and for rooting cuttings. Soak pellets in tap water, as soon as they have expanded, remove from water. Squeeze to introduce air and prevent water logging. Create a small hole and insert your seed or cutting. Place pellet in a propagator under 18/24 hours of light a day. Just remove your propagator lid once a day to clean lid and gently mist and watch your seedling/cutting establish itself.

The 35 mm Jiffy Pellet is compatible with the large hole rockwool cube.

Special tray for Jiffy pellets is available HERE.


50 pieces1 490 Ft
1000 pieces22 615 Ft


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