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ADWA pH measuringprobe (for AD11 / AD12)

ADWA pH measuringprobe (for AD11 / AD12)

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Videó: Adwa AD11 two point pH calibration


The ADWA pH measuringprobe (for AD11 / AD12) is a replaceable electrode / probe to help eliminate erroneous values. In crop production, reliable values ​​are needed to determine the exact pH and EC of nutrient solutions so that the plants are as healthy as possible and produce high yields.

Can be used for the following devices

Two vessels should be used for calibration. Both must be filled with the same calibration solution, but the first vessel is for rinsing the probe only, the actual calibration must be performed in the second vessel with the probe already rinsed. Always use fresh solution for calibration. (This can be ensured, for example, with bag solutions for single calibration.) If the instrument used allows the use of several calibration solutions, it is advisable to use solutions close to the concentration of the measured sample. The EC meter does not need to be calibrated as often as the pH electrode, but regular monitoring is important as changes in the condition and aging of the probe can be compensated by calibration.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Keep out of reach of children. Shake well before use!
Store between 7 and 30 degrees Celsius to maintain optimal quality.


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