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Bluelab Combo Meter (PH, nutrient, temperature)

Bluelab Combo Meter (PH, nutrient, temperature)

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The Bluelab Combo Meter (PH, Nutrient, Temperature) measures pH, conductivity and temperature simultaneously. The basic parameters of pH, conductivity and temperature play a key role in improving the optimal health of plants. Regular basic measurements allow the nutrient uptake of plants to be optimized.

Main characteristics:

  • simple design, easy to use interface
  • can be cleaned and calibrated
  • backlit display for easy-to-see measurements
  • A pH sensor and conductivity meter in one that covers the basis of all nutrient uptake
  • 2 meter cable for measuring in hard to reach places
  • customizable units of conductivity (EC, CF, PPM 500 (TDS) or PPM 700) or temperature (° C or ° F)

Why measure conductivity and temperature?
Every plant needs the right amount of food (nutrients) to thrive. While conductivity indicates the total amount of nutrients in solution, pH (potential hydrogen) indicates how acidic or alkaline the medium is, which determines the absorption of nutrients. Temperature affects the growth rate and structure of your plants. Measuring conductivity can ensure that plants have access to the right amount of nutrients at each stage of growth.

The Bluelab Combo Meter (PH, Nutrient, Temperature) measures pH, conductivity and temperature in nutrient tanks, drainage and water supply. It can also be used on the fly for fast and accurate readings.


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