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Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC / MC Meter (EC/humidity/temperature)
Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC / MC Meter (EC/humidity/temperature)

Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC / MC Meter (EC/humidity/temperature)

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The Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC / MC Meter (EC / humidity / temperature) measures EC, humidity and temperature directly in the root zone. Three measurements are possible with a single click. All measurements are visible (can be stored and compared in the Pulse application. The robust 8 ”/ 200 mm long format stainless steel probes allow deeper insight. The instrument works in a variety of growing substrates and nutrient solutions.

Every plant needs the right amount of food (nutrients) to thrive. By measuring conductivity, it is possible to ensure that plants have access to the right amount of nutrients at each stage of growth. Moisture measurement optimizes irrigation cycles and water consumption while controlling the risk of root infections. Finally, regular temperature measurements can detect temperature fluctuations and optimize root functions.

Main characteristics
- versatile and robust root zone meter
lightning fast measurements
- gives three different measurements in 10 seconds


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