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CD611 Conductivity Economical Pocket Tester
CD611 Conductivity Economical Pocket Tester

CD611 Conductivity Economical Pocket Tester

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CD611 Conductivity Economical Pocket Tester

Milwaukee's economical testers are easy-to-use and low cost instruments to measure quick and reliable EC or TDS values. Measuring electrical conductivity is the best way of checking the amount of salt or dissolved solids (TDS) in water.

Milwaukee provides you with a range of pocket testers that will allow you to measure from very low to very high conductivity solutions. All EC/TDS testers compensate for the temperature variance automatically.

The CD611 is a Conductivity tester specifically designed for water analysis. The calibration procedure is very simple and fast. This tester has automatic temperature compensation, 100 µS/cm resolution and a range of 0 to 20000 µS/cm. CD611 is supplied complete with protective cap, calibration screwdriver, batteries and instructions.


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