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Prosystem Aqua hydroponic system controller

Prosystem Aqua hydroponic system controller

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The Prosystem Aqua hydroponic system controller is an automatic nutrient control and fertilization system for all kinds of plants - especially hydroponic plants. In terms of its volume, it can be adapted to water tanks, it is able to apply various fertilizers and nutrients at the same time, while also regulating the pH of the water tank. The dosing of nutrients and pH is fully automated through continuous conductivity control, so that the conductivity solution desired by the user can be applied. By dissolving the nutrients in water, the roots of the plant can absorb them more efficiently. Instructions for use can be found here.

Almost all terrestrial plants can grow with this system, although its advantages are more pronounced for some plants than others. This soilless cultivation technique avoids the obstacles typical of traditional agriculture. The use of different substrates allows better control of factors affecting plant growth, such as oxygenation, nutrition and oxygenation. In addition, this method provides the plant with the essential elements needed for optimal growth. The use of the hydroponic system is recommended when there is no soil with the agricultural properties necessary for the proper development of the plant. Hydroponics is always agricultural soilless cultivation, but not all soilless crops are hydroponic. Many soilless cultivation methods do not use the mineral solutions required for hydroponic plants.

Contents of the package

  • nutrient regulator
  • pH probe
  • EC probe
  • pH probe holder
  • EC connecting cable
  • includes pH7 and pH4 calibration bottles
  • injection and suction pipes
  • injectors
  • brackets and supports for fixing
  • user manual for installation
  • PPR collector


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