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Wooden Smoking pipes with classic and unice design.

Bracelet pipe

Unique wooden pipe disguised as a bracelet. Available in 3 different colors: red, black and beige.

Corn cob pipe  9 cm

Nine cm long corn cob pipe.

Rosewood Pipe Carved 9 cm

Wonderful rosewood pipe with beautiful carvings. Length: 9 cm

Foldable Pipe

Wooden pipe, with metal base. Foldable, so that it is very small, and dismountable, so that it can be cleaned easlily. The pipe screen is not included. Its size is approximately 6 cm.

Rosewood Pipe 9 cm

Wonderful rosewood pipe . Length: 9 cm

Wood pipe 6-12 cm

Five different wooden pipes between 6 and 12 cm. Choose your favorite! Important! Price per piece!

Carved Wooden Smoking Pipe With Cobra Design 15 cm

Wonderful wooden pipe with beautiful cobra carvings, made of ebony wood. Length: 15 cm

Lightweight Wooden Pipe 8 cm

Tiny wooden pipe made of lightweight wood. Made for those who like handy and useful pipes. Length: 8 cm

Carved Wooden Smoking Pipe 21 cm

Wonderful wooden pipe with beautiful carvings, made of two types of wood. Length: 21 cm

Wooden Pipe Mix with Mexican design

Wooden Pipe Mix with Mexican design Average size: 8-11 cm

Wooden Pipe with Stone Bowl 10 cm

Unique carved wooden pipe with stone bowl made of soap stone. The stone bowl not only looks classy, but helps to cool down the smoke, and therefore improves smoking experience.  Length: ...

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